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vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Soccer Bashi [pc game]

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows(R) XP SP2 / Vista / 7
Intel(R) or AMD Processor 1 Ghz or higher
System Memory
512 MB
DirectX(R) version
Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0 or higherVideo Card
DX9: Direct X 9.0 compliant video card with 64 MB RAM
Sound Card
100% Direct X 9.0 compatible sound card
Input Devices
Standard PC Keyboard and Mouse
Menu Controls
Cursor Keys    Navigate
Enter        Select
Esc        Back
Game Controls
Mouse        Move bat
LMB        Action/Shoot
RMB        Volley
Esc or P        Pause
Game Controls (Player 2)
A        Move bat Left
D        Move bat Right
Space        Action/Shoot
X        Volley
Soccer of the future; destroy the defender blocks and smash the ball into the goal to win, but watch out for the enemy defenders out to destroy you! A built-in game editor offers unlimited level design possibilities, or play through the 90 game levels over several different play modes, including Arcade and Customisable Tournaments.
§    90 Levels of goal scoring, block breaking fun.
§    Special level features including animated blocks, exploding blocks, shield blocks, invisible blocks and deadly 3D defender enemies
§    9 challenging end of zone Bosses to defeat
§    Level Editor to build your own levels. Up to 100 user created levels can be stored
§    Tournament Mode allows you to create your own unique tournaments using game levels or your own levels
§    Special Power-Ups & Super Power-Ups to help (or hinder) you on the way to the goal, including lasers, bombs, flaming power balls and multiple balls and bats
§    A wealth of Special Achievements and secrets to unlock, including secret level backgrounds and game block sets
The player has two types of ball return – the first is the standard, just hit the ball and it will return up the screen at normal speed. The second is a volley – press the RMB just as the ball hits the bat, and the ball speed will double until it is hit again by the player at normal speed. Additionally certain power-ups require the player to fire them (such as the laser); press the LMB to fire these power-ups.
The following modes are available:
Career mode is split over 10 Planets, with 9 levels in each. For each planet the score is recorded individually, alongside the total running score, so the player can attempt to beat their scores on a per-planet basis.
Each level within a planet features the same background, to simulate the different locations the player is playing in. Upon completion of each planet the score is recorded and displayed alongside the planet node on the map screen. The player can re-visit any planet that they have previously completed and attempt to beat their high score for that planet. The score is not recorded if all of the levels in a given planet are not completed.
The Tournament Mode allows the player to create their own custom Tournaments, made up from either the Game levels, or the User created levels.
Tournament Setup:
§    Tournament Name (links to name entry screen)
§    Levels Type (Game or User)
§    Level Order (Random or Choose your own)
§    Number of Rounds (5, 10, 25 or 50)
§    Number of Players (1 or 2)
Choose Levels:
§    Select the 5, 10, 25 or 50 from a list of all levels, with mini-pic of level. Use Left/Right cursors to select Planet Theme
All game levels were created by the in-built editor, which can be used to create your own levels. 100 user created levels can be stored.
Editable features include:
§    Block Colour
§    Special Block Type
o    2-Hit – requires two hits to destroy
o    3-Hit – requires three hits to destroy
o    Unbreakable – unbreakable blocks
§    Moving Blocks (left to right, or right to left)
§    Exploding Blocks - these blocks blow up neighbouring blocks AND unbreakable blocks
§    Shield Blocks – you can only destroy these blocks by hitting them on the top (the bottom of the blocks is unbreakable)
§    Invisible Blocks – these blocks are not visible until you hit them once. A second hit will destroy them
§    Enemies – add larger enemies, these can also be set to move


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